2 / The power of pSEO

One of the hardest parts of marketing is actually getting the word out. That’s why we’ve been so interested to dive deep into programatic SEO (pSEO) lately.

Of course, it’s not a silver bullet solution – nothing ever is, right? 😆 But, it sure looks promising, especially in this age of AI.

If you’re not familiar with pSEO, it’s essentially using templates and data to create multiple websites pages that’ll rank well on long-tail SEO keywords. Like how Trip Advisor has a bajillion pages on “Best {activities} in {city}”.

Whether they realize it or not, every business is sitting on a treasure trove of data and content that can be transformed into pSEO content to drive real traffic for themselves. So, watch this space and grab a slice of traffic for yourself!

– Nick & Matt

Our picks


Programmatic SEO (pSEO) feels like the hot new thing right now even though it’s been around for ages. Enter The.com, a really nice tool for managing pSEO for your site.


We love learning about extremely successful business that fly under the radar. So, we were pumped to find BoringCashCow aggregating these stories.


We’re all still figuring out how to use AI effectively, and this gem of a community is at the forefront of that exploration.

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